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Software For
Cannabis Dispensary Owners & Manufacturers 

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Advanced Financials Built With Cannabis In Mind

From keeping up with ever-changing compliance requirements to streamlining accounting and tax records, cannabis manufacturers and dispensary owners have a lot at stake. It's time to scrap non-GAAP-compliant tools like Quickbooks. We curate a cannabis ERP solution to meet your specific needs. 

Fully integrated

Full-cycle accounting capabilities 


Integration with key cannabis technology

Real-time analytics

Complete traceability and GAAP compliance

Flexible licensing

Flexible licensing to scale operations

Complete traceability

Real-time analytics and demand forecasting


Access your data from any device

Material and labor

Material and labor cost tracking and visibility

Seamless syncing

Seamless syncing across any device, anywhere


Scalable automation for operations

Inventory operations

Inventory operations management and forecasting

Easy-to-use UI

Easy-to-use UI with powerful data capture

Strain-specific optimization

Sales optimization and management