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Cannabis ERP Software Implementation

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We Do What’s Best for You

We understand how intimidating it can be to adopt a new ERP software solution, both from a financial and productivity standpoint. That’s why we promise to do only what is in your best interest, from discovery all the way through implementation. To live by this principle, we ask three key questions before committing to any engagement:  

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Are your business and people ready for this?

Not every cannabis manufacturer and dispensary owner will benefit from an ERP. We make sure your business trajectory is in the right place to benefit from a partnership before moving forward.

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What are your expectations?

Expectation-setting is crucial for our team to gain alignment on your business goals so we can recommend the best solutions and software for your unique needs.

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Are we the right partner?

And if the answer is no, that’s okay! We won’t recommend solutions that don’t make sense for your business. We’re happy to point you in the right direction for success, whether we work with you or not.

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Our Approach

Only when we know we can be an asset to you and your people, will we start our multi-step onboarding process.


This is when we get to learn all about your dreams, nightmares, and everything in between. We look at your manufacturing and dispensary processes throughout your facility, existing technology, data, users, goals, and requirements, to get a complete picture of where you are and how we can help you get to where you want to go.



After discovering who you are, it’s time to make a plan to help you grow into the business you want to become. We’ll sit down and go through our findings from discovery, discuss potential customizations, identify potential issues, and ultimately make needle-moving recommendations that will set the stage for process improvement and profitability increase. The end result will be a detailed project plan with clear milestones to get you to your end goal as efficiently and affordably as possible.

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Rather than view migration as an intimidating hurdle, we like to think of it as a fresh start! We work with you to identify the pieces of data that should and should not be migrated to ensure you have the perfect canvas to begin with. With this in place, we focus on your end goal rather than sift through old data that doesn’t improve your business.

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No plan is complete without some testing. This is where you experience your new system in real time. In fact, we want you to try to break it so we can squash those bugs before you go live. From testing your new automated inventory tracking system to understanding dashboards, this is where we see the plans of your grow business come to life.



Although training happens through every step of our ERP software onboarding process, we want to ensure your entire team feels comfortable with the new system before going live. This ensures high user adoption, protects your investment, and sets the stage for long-term process improvement.

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It’s showtime, baby! We’ll make sure everything is ready to launch as seamlessly and disruption-free as possible, and be by your side to resolve any issues if they arise.

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Innovate While You Grow

What do you get when you combine customized software plans and seamless implementation with industry-leading ERP software? The most thoughtful planned out, and personalized software that effortlessly fits into your cannabis manufacturing and dispensary business. 

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No two cannabis businesses are exactly alike, which is why no two ERP solutions should be identical. We work closely with you and your team to implement only what you need to get the most out of your investment.

Execution and Testing Circle

Execution & Testing

Ensure your new ERP software and products are seamlessly implemented with the support of Rockton's detailed and easy-to-follow execution and testing protocols. 

Training and Support Circle

Training & Support

We don’t leave you high and dry after implementation. Instead, we equip you with a support team to troubleshoot technology issues, offer ongoing training on new features, and more.

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