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The ERP Software Solution Built to Help Scale Your Cannabis Business

Track inventory, shelf-life, and sales, while streamlining business operations.


After all, the only thing you should outgrow is your warehouse, not your software. 

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Automate Data Collection.
Minimize Costs.
Maximize Revenue.

Spending too much time in the weeds?

And, no, we’re not talking about the good stuff. We mean all the manual tasks, data entry, and business operations management that lie within cannabis manufacturing and dispensary ownership. We know these functionalities that rob you of your passion and time, ultimately resulting in costly errors and decreased revenue.

Say Goodbye to:

  • Tracking processes on whiteboards and spreadsheets
  • Manually logging inventory and managing shelf life
  • Working with unintegrated platforms
  • Spending time on admin work instead of passion projects 

GREAT NEWS - it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Ignite Innovation With Industry-Leading Cannabis Business Management Solutions

Streamline Cannabis

Streamline cannabis business and financial management 

When it comes to the daily grind of cannabis manufacturing, and dispensary ownership, you need more than labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes. And Quickbooks won't cut it for GAAP accounting groundwork. 

Implementing a modern ERP software streamlines all aspects of business financial management, from state-by-state compliance requirements to financial reporting. We customize ERP solutions based on your specific needs, not just the industry standard.

Maximize Yields With a Fraction of the Manual Labor

Services & Support

From technical troubleshooting to feature-specific training, everyone on your team has unlimited access to our support team. We’re here to eliminate those wasted hours so you can work as efficiently and effectively as possible, and that’s a promise.


Every business is slightly different. We work with you on a number of cannabis-specific functionalities that further improve your business management. And trust us when we say we’ll only incorporate customizations that are in your best interest.


From start to finish, our onboarding team will help you achieve a seamless implementation experience. We work with you to onboard your internal team, ensure data is migrated over, and train team members to effortlessly start utilizing your new  ERP software designed with your cannabis business in mind.


Our team of experts is there to help guide and facilitate proper integrations that build a holistic software solution designed to meet and exceed your cannabis software needs. 



What Can You Do With Rockton Connect Cannabis?

There’s really no limit to what you can accomplish with Rockton Connect Cannabis. From streamlining processes to business management to financial insights, our industry-leading ERP software can help you achieve your cannabis business goals. Here are just a few examples to spark your imagination:

Automated access to data


A scaling dispensary or manufacturing facility that manually tracks inventory movement strictly using whiteboards throughout its facility results in hours of manual labor and room for tremendous errors. With Rockton Connect's industry-leading ERP software, owners and manufacturers can gain never-before-seen, automated access to key data throughout the business lifecycle, including:

  • Shelf life and inventory condition
  • Employee output and productivity

  • Facilitate the integration of solutions that track exact flower location across propagation, vegetation, flowering, and harvesting rooms


Powerful financial insight

Streamlined inventory management

The All-in-One Solution to Grow Your Cannabis Operation


For Manufacturers

"What processes can I automate to allocate resources to more important tasks? How can I stay compliant and sustainable throughout the entire manufacturing cycle?"

How We Help

Gone are the days of using spreadsheets and whiteboards to track manufacturing tasks and duties. Get the job done in a fraction of the time with calculated processes that meet compliance and quality standards. 


For Dispensary Owners

"How can I forecast costs and demand without impacting margin? How can I innovate and stay ahead of cannabis trends and market changes while staying compliant?"

How We Help

Make innovating a breeze with modern interfaces and powerful automation tools, backed by industry-leading software supported by a team of experts that ensure you find measured success in your growing business. 

For Managers and Directors

"How can we scale and grow to more locations and increase inventory sales while mitigating overhead costs and expenses? What solutions can I champion to help empower my team? 

How We Help

Forget manual, outdated tools and think of best-of-breed solutions to unify operations across all teams. Help your business and team scale to increase profit and productivity. 

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Scale Your Cannabis Business With Rockton Connect